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Someone is wrong on the internet.

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No time to blog at the moment as I struggle to get back on track with my book.  But this is all I have to say anyway.

Thanks to my best mate Chris for first sending me this a while back, last time someone was wrong on the internet.  And kudos to the original cartoonist, whoever that may be – the image has been repeated so often I wasn’t able to find out.



The Beer Nut

It's from XKCD, which is well worth hooking your RSS reader up to.

Are we getting a Session topic this month, or can we just put our heads down on our desks and go to sleep?

Pete Brown

BN, thanks for the well-deserved credit.

Re the session, Jay Brooks is going to find someone else to host – I'm really up against it on book deadline now after my laptop theft, and very worried I'm not going to make it.

Hopefully I'll be invited to host again once I'm over this.


Something to bear in mind when reading xkcd is that the hover text is often integral to the joke.

Leave the mouse over the image on the xkcd website, and a second punchline appears.


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