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Hi, my name’s Pete Brown. You may remember me – I used to be a beer blogger round these parts.

No? Not ringing any bells?

I’ve kind of been getting busier. Two and a half books in eighteen months with three different publishers whose schedules have no reason to coincide. Blogging has faded away to nothing – for about a year there it was a luxury I couldn’t afford.

As I come out of isolation and look at the mountain of interesting stuff I have to blog about – a year’s worth of travel, trips, escapades, learning and reaction to what’s happening in the world – this ol’ blogger format is looking tired.

So given that this blog is almost defunct, this seems like a good time to do a long overdue upgrade.

My new website will be launching soon. It will still have a revitalised blog at the heart of it, but it will also collect together a lot of stuff I’m writing elsewhere, and have permanent content such as information and sample chapters from my books, up to date details of events, photo galleries, and all sorts.

As my focus expands from beer to include cider and more general writing about social history and stuff, it will be less overtly beery, but beer will no doubt still make up most of the content.

I can’t wait to get started on it.

See you soon.



steve lamond

excellent, looking forward to it. Remember to keep the RSS feed for the blog and a subscribe to comments by email function!

Hows the cider hunt going?

Professor Pie-Tin

Will your new website be carrying news of the outcome of your run-in with Bondi beer ?
You comprehensively slagged off their advertising campaign without actually tasting the product.
And then lamely tried to justify your retraction when they threatened you with legl action.
But you did say you'd agree to meet them and taste their beer.
That was three months ago.
Either shit or get off the pot, old cock.


Prof, when I slagged it I slagged the marketing – I didn't say anything about the taste of the beer.

I took the post down not because of the threat of legal action, but because I realised it was a very small company and my OTT slagging was putting people's jobs at risk.

I did meet them and the beer is very, very good. (They did admit the marketing could have been better.)

I will be blogging about this, just as soon as I have the time to blog about anything. It's hardly as if I've been studiously avoiding it in my prolific output, is it?

Professor Pie-Tin

Thanks for the feedback Pete – I'll look forward to reading about it.

I just like to keep you blogging types on your toes otherwise standards can get very lax.

Although I'd hate to drive you into submission like I did Cookie.

Wahaay !


be very interested in the Bondi follow up. Ive now seen them in the 3 top clubs up here (Manchester). Their marketing strategy doesn't seem to matter- beer looks like it is making real sales and is working. hope they get into some supermarkets soon, could do with a decent lager at home.


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