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When in Leicester…

More from The Red Hand, this time from 1955. And this picture deserves a post all of its own.

Nowadays, especially in magazines, it’s de rigeur to make a potentially humdrum snap a little more exciting by giving it a cheeky caption that in some way takes the piss out of the photo’s subjects.
The Red Hand occasionally manages this – apparently without actually trying to be funny.
Take this one: the photo is worthy of any caption competition. But you’d be hard pressed to beat the one that accompanied the original snap.
Yep, what you’re looking at here ‘has been described’ as ‘Leicester’s most original cocktail bar’.
If there’s a higher accolade than that, I have no idea what it is.




it's a close run thing between this place and that Pirate bar in Barcelona. Don't we want somewhere that puts a smile on your face the moment you walk through the door!

Laurent Mousson

You might want to try Zetor in Helsinki, then…
Bare concrete, bits of trees, a non-functional sauna, frescoes treading the line between between stalinist realism and naive country painting, and as centerpiece in every room, restored 1950s Zetor farm tractors, very much a 'sacred cow' of Finnish identity, I'm told.

The place is meant to convey what it feels like to be a Finn. And yes, they so serve sahti, in glasses that look like jam pots.


Yes but if you remember there were TWO pirate bars in Barcelona, opposite one another. I'd like to know whether there was another bar like this in Leicester. I'm sincerely hoping so.


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